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    Many homeowners are adding smart locks to their homes in order to increase the safety of their residences. The installation is done by professionals, and it is supposed to be a simple process, but what about security?

    If you’re not sure if your lock is secure enough, this article will show you how to find out. In addition, we’ll discuss some common threats that may affect your property and provide tips for further securing your home.


    What is a smart lock, and how does it work?

    A smart lock is a type of locking mechanism that is opened by way of a key, fingerprint scanner, or the application on your phone.

    Some people are replacing their traditional locks with technology so they can use their phones to open doors instead of carrying around keys. The installation process involves removing the old doorknob and adding a new smart lock to the door.

    The biggest question is: what type of security do you want for your home? Do you want something that is easy to use? Something with fingerprint scanning technology? Or do you want a backup key for emergencies as well?

    Smart locks are considered one of the most reliable ways to protect your home and keep intruders out. The installation process typically takes 30 minutes, but it may take longer if there’s no outside door handle.


    What are the benefits of having a smart lock?

    The benefits of having a smart lock include the following:

    • Easy to use. You can unlock your door with your phone if you lose your keys, and some locks have fingerprint-scanning technology to make it even easier!
    • Additional security features like backup keys in case something happens.
    • Installation is done by professionals, so it’s a simple process.
    • Locks are usually made of metal, so they’re durable and strong.
    • Smart locks work with your home automation system for added convenience! You can set up automated lights to turn on when the door unlocks or even start the AC unit as soon as you open the front door in the summertime heat.

    Friendly Tip: There are a few different types of locks to choose from, and the installation is typically done by professionals because it involves electricity. If you have any doubts about your home’s security, call an expert!


    How to protect your home with a smart lock

    There are many ways to protect your home with a smart lock. If you have any doubts about the security of your property, here’s what you can do:

    • Evaluate all entrances and exits for weaknesses. You may need locks that use different types of technology if one door is more vulnerable than another.
    • Get an alarm system with sensors. This will notify you of any movement in the home, and if a break-in is attempted, an alarm will go off to scare away intruders.
    • Use window locks that are strong enough to keep burglars or thieves from gaining access through your windows.
    • Install motion-activated lighting near doorways so you can see who is coming from outside.
    • Use a peephole in your door to determine if the person at the door is someone you know or not, and keep it locked when an unknown visitor arrives.
    • Keep your home clean and tidy so that intruders will be less likely to believe they’ll find anything valuable there.


    What do I need to worry about if I have a smart lock?

    If you’re thinking about installing a smart lock for your home or are already using one, here’s why it is important to think about the security of your property:

    • A lot of people leave their keys inside, so if someone has access to where you keep them (like on an outdoor porch) they could easily get in.
    • When you use a key, it’s possible that someone will notice the keys hanging out of your lock and take them. The same is true when people use their fingerprints to unlock smartphones.
    • You should always keep an emergency backup on hand in case something happens to your smart lock (like when batteries die). Always have a key on you in case the batteries die or to replace a lock when it gets broken.
    • Professional locksmiths will be able to install smart locks and provide additional security features like backup keys if something happens.
    • If your door is made of glass, it’s important that there are safety barriers installed so burglars can’t break the glass and reach in to unlock your door.
    • You may want a lock that will automatically turn off power if there’s an overload, which is another safety measure you should take into consideration when buying smart locks.
    • Always think about people who have access to your home, like house cleaners, repairmen, or family members, and make sure they aren’t putting you at risk for break-ins.


    How can you make your home more secure with a smart lock?

    There are many ways to protect your home with the help of a smart lock, but it’s important that you’re aware of all risks and take measures into consideration. These include:

    • Evaluating entrances and exits for weaknesses so you can use locks with different levels of technology depending on which door is more vulnerable than another
    • Ensure you have an alarm system that’s monitored 24 hours a day by professionals.
    • Installing cameras with motion sensors and alarms to capture pictures of strangers in your home might provide insight into who took the smart lock from you or where they’re located.
    • Having a backup plan in place for when someone steals your smart lock or when the power goes out
    • Keeping your key in a special location outside of the house, like with an assistant who can come to help you in emergency situations,
    • Easy to use. You can unlock your door with your phone if you lose your keys, and some locks have fingerprint-scanning technology to make it even easier! Additional security features like backup keys in case something happens. Installation is done by professionals, so it’s a simple process. Locks will work with your home automation system.
    • You can set up automated lights to turn on when the door unlocks or even start the AC unit as soon as you open the front door in the summertime heat.
    • Choose a lock that doesn’t require keys, so if they get lost, you’ll still have access to your house!

    Smart locks for renters and homeowners

    In the US, there are many different laws that dictate which locks landlords and homeowners must install. For example, it’s illegal for a landlord to rent an apartment without deadbolts on exterior doors in some cities like Los Angeles, while New York City requires both front door locks to be keyed alike with no more than five unique keys per unit or a master key for all the locks, whichever is less.

    Homeowners often have a choice between requiring keys or marrying smart locks to their phones with apps like Kwikset Kevo. Some think that there are pros and cons to both approaches.

    • Keys provide an extra deterrent because they’re harder to replicate than passwords, but it’s more difficult to manage multiple keys for a large property.
    • Smart locks can be easier to operate and keep track of, but they’re easily unlocked by anyone with access to the phone or an NFC chip.

    With all these considerations in mind, it might be best to have one smart lock as your primary entry point at home and make sure you have a backup plan in case that one gets taken.


    Is there anything else you should know about installing or using a smart lock?

    The Yale Security Smart Lock is easy to install and use. All you have to do is download the app on your phone, which will allow you to control any lock that has been connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    This new security system can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

    • You might want it in an emergency when you don’t have keys or your phone dies.
    • Your children might need it when they go out with friends.
    • You can install multiple locks and give different people access, like a housekeeper who only needs to come in once per week.

    Whatever your reason for installing this system, you’ll be happy that you made the decision to upgrade the security of your home.


    How to find the best smart lock for you?

    The best way to find the right lock for you is by first finding out how you plan on using it. If this sounds like something that would be difficult to answer, think about what your security concerns are and then focus on locks with those features in mind. For example:

    •  If safety is a major concern (as it should be when we’re talking about protecting your family and property) then you’ll want to consider locks with biometric capabilities like fingerprint or retina scanners
    • If convenience is more important, make sure the lock has Bluetooth so it can be unlocked from afar with an app on your phone.
    • And if you are looking for a smart lock that offers both security and convenience, then you’ll want to find one that has a keypad with a PIN entry.
    • If all of the above sounds overwhelming or too confusing, know there is help for you! You can always head over to Best Buy’s home services page and hire an expert who will install your smart lock.


    The bottom line – what is the best way to protect yourself from intruders when using a smart lock in your home or business

    • Be sure to invest in a smart lock that is UL-certified by the factory. This means it has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and verified as meeting standards for safety, durability, reliability, and performance.
    • If you have an existing deadbolt with exposed screws on either side of the door frame where your current keyhole or knob is located, you should replace it with a smart lock ASAP.
    • If your door is not made out of metal or steel and doesn’t have any additional protection like deadbolt locks on either side of the frame (or other types), then most likely there are no specific requirements for that type of installation.
    • Do yourself a favor by investing in a smart lock that has an alarm system. This will alert you to any potential intruders or unwanted visitors and scare them away before they have the chance to do anything wrong.
    • Be sure your door is locked at all times, even when you’re home; this way, if someone does try to enter while you are there, it won’t be an easy task.
    • Get a smart lock with fingerprint capabilities like the Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock – this way you can give your friends or family members access to enter without providing them with a key and risk losing it, forgetting where you put it, etc.

    Keep all of these tips in mind when you are installing, using, maintaining, or upgrading smart locks for your home. This way, you’ll be ensuring safety and protection for yourself and your loved ones.

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