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    Different doors work differently, but they generally have two ways of keeping themselves closed. There is a latch on the door that is operated by the handle from the inside and into which a strike on your jamb slides to keep it closed. This is a more refined way of keeping your door sealed and you don’t need extra help to make sure this is working as it should.

    The second way of closing your door with a mechanism is to rely on an alignment between the edge of the door and the jamb so that gravity does most of the work for you.

    Most doors with this feature have some kind of spring mechanism and hinges and when everything lines up, they close without much effort from the user.

    Unfortunately, these mechanisms can get out of whack and they will not close without extra help even with gravity on their side.


    Should the door be aligned?

    It’s not just about the aesthetics of a properly aligned door – it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. The whole point of setting up your doors so they are level and straight is so that everything falls into place when you try to open or close them.

    When there isn’t any alignment, you can end up with problems like your door hinges creaking or groaning every time you try to open it.

    Sticking doors are another common issue that people often have that is caused by misaligned doors. Often times this is due to the fact that they aren’t adjusted correctly for wear and tear over the years.


    Here are some of the telltale signs that you may need to have your door re-aligned:

    • Your door is sticking or jamming when you try to shut it. There are a number of reasons that this can happen but the problem usually stems from the hinges being too loose or not properly installed in the first place.
    • The bolts are often an indicator that there is something wrong with the way your door is hanging because they should be able to slide in and out without any issues. If they are starting to stick, this means that you have reached the point of no return when it comes to your door being functional.
    • You will know when there is something wrong with your bolts is if they are getting stuck when they are not supposed to be or if you feel too much resistance every time you try to close the door.
    • Your door is making strange sounds. If you hear squeaks or groaning whenever someone walks through your doorway then this means that there are problems with the hinges.
    • When your door moves it should be completely silent, but if you can notice anything out of the ordinary then it’s time to get your door looked at immediately.
    • These strange noises are often a sign that the screws or bolts are not properly set up so you need to hire a locksmith for this type of repair right away.
    • You can tell if your hinges are starting to wear out because they will begin making noises whenever your door opens and closes.
    • Your door is starting to warp or become misaligned. Even if your door is not sticking out, it might be leaning inwards on the bottom. This will happen when your door starts to warp because of its age or neglect.


    If you don’t take care of the problem then it could lead to your door breaking in half due to the way it’s constantly straining itself.

    The signs that your doorway is starting to lean towards one side are when you begin noticing uneven flooring in the room you are entering or exiting, if one of your walls seems much higher than usual or if there are even cracks appearing in your doorframe.


    Ensure The Safety Of Your Entranceway

    Your doorway, whether it’s an exterior or interior one is meant to keep you safe at all times.

    It protects you from people who might be trying to break into your house while also holding the frame together to keep your house intact. While a misaligned door is unlikely to send it crashing down, the problems that can come from it will cause you a lot of inconvenience and frustration in the long run.

    In order to deal with these kinds of frustrations, make sure you call a locksmith DC company as they are nothing but specialize in this kind of problem.

    One last problem with a misaligned door is that it’s going to be much more difficult for you to lock the door from the outside each night. In fact, you may have been shutting your door haphazardly for some time now without even realizing that it has been easier to access your home.

    This can lead to more break-ins and unwanted guests who could potentially destroy the interior of your home or steal items you have carefully collected over the years.


    The importance of your door aligned correctly

    By having your door correctly aligned, you will be able to enjoy a much better quality of life in your house.

    The temperature inside the home will be regulated because there will be no gap in the area where you enter and leave each day.

    There won’t be any cold breezes rushing in when it’s hot outside or disruptive drafts when it’s cold.

    There will also be no more condensation on the windows meaning that your furniture and appliances won’t become damaged because of this moisture build-up.

    Lastly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can lock up at night without any problems or hassles.

    The door’s increased weight means that it will be much harder to open without the proper key or combination and this should deter any potential thieves from attempting to get inside.

    Note: Be careful not to have your door too tight, you don’t want it falling off its hinges.


    You’ve probably noticed that your door is off its track.

    When you point out the problem whether it be a misaligned door or even a warped one, people will typically take interest when they notice something is wrong with their entranceway.

    When you add in your article how it’ll affect the convenience of your life and also their home security, it’ll grab the attention of many people and may even add a feeling of urgency when someone feels like their security is in jeopardy.

    If you compare the door when it’s working correctly against when it’s not, you can typically want to get your entranceway back up and running again which will hopefully reduce future burglaries and also make walking in and out the door more efficient.


    Call DC Local Locksmith for cost-effective services today!

    It’s really important to get your door aligned correctly in order for it to work properly and in areas like the DC Metro Area, it’s highly recommended that you contact a service provider who can help with repairs and aligning the door back up again.

    When having misaligned doors, you could risk having water damage to your house and also get break-ins, so it’s extremely important that you get this job done by a reputable company.

    When you call DC Local Locksmith, we will be able to send out a professional team that can not only fix the problem but also prevent it from happening in the future.


    Contact us at (202) 830-0706 to start enjoying the benefits of having a correctly aligned door again.