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    Every day you leave your house, you risk leaving it vulnerable to thieves. Whether it’s a break-in or a robbery, the consequences could be disastrous.

    Yet surprisingly few people take basic security precautions. Here are five ways to make sure your home is secure and safe:


    1) Keep doors and windows locked when you’re not at home

    The first step to ensuring your home is safe is keeping doors and windows locked when you’re not at home.

    That means making sure they are properly secured with a key or deadbolt lock on the inside of the house and an exterior locking device such as a doorknob guard or window security bar on the outside.


    2) Keep your valuables hidden away from view

    While it’s important to make your home look lived in (to deter burglars), you should also be sure that expensive jewelry, money, and other valuables are hidden away from view or removed entirely if possible before leaving your property.

    Investing in a locking safe is one effective solution.


    3) Add outdoor lighting

    Even when it’s sunny outside, a property can look dark and unoccupied if the lights are off.

    That’s why it is important to add outdoor lighting to illuminate your home when you’re not at home, but be sure to choose fixtures that won’t give away whether or not anyone is inside at a given time.

    Motion-activated floodlights can also help keep criminals at bay.


    4) Only use exterior lights between dusk and dawn

    Using your outdoor lighting only during the hours when you’re home or in between is a good way to prevent criminals from knowing whether anyone is inside at any given time.

    This is a strategy that’s especially effective for those who work at night and sleep during the day.


    5) Install good locks on all exterior doors and windows

    Ensure all exterior doors and windows are properly secured with a key or deadbolt lock on the inside of the house and an exterior locking device such as a doorknob guard or window security bar on the outside.

    The goal is to make it impossible for burglars to enter a property through easily accessible areas, like doors or windows without locks.


    6) Hire an alarm company to monitor your property or install an alarm system yourself

    Criminals hate loud, obnoxious sirens. Install alarms that can be set before heading out for work in the morning. If your house is equipped with an alarm system, they’ll be more likely to skip your home and target a different one.

    While you can go the DIY route by purchasing an alarm system yourself if security is a primary concern it might be worth it to invest in a professional installation.

    The most popular types are wireless motion detectors that send an alert when someone walks through a doorway or window without setting off the alarm.

    The best way to ensure your home is safe and protected 24/7 is by hiring an alarm company to monitor your property. A professional monitoring service will detect movement at your home, alert authorities of a problem, and send help if needed.


    7) Don’t hide spare keys in your house

    Never hide a spare key to your house under a doormat, some rocks, or the spare tire in your car. If you lose a key, change all the locks to keep your burglar from having access.


    8) Check mail regularly and arrange to have it held at the post office

    If someone is stealing your mail or knows you won’t be home, they can take advantage of that and steal whatever they want. Stop them by checking your mail regularly and arranging to have any parcels held at the post office.


    9) Contact your local police department if you suspect someone is trying to break in

    If you suspect someone is trying to break into your house, call the police immediately. If they are outside, it’s the right moment to call. If you call during the break-in, it could be too late.


    10) Keep all windows and doors locked anytime you aren’t home

    This is probably the most important tip on this list. It only takes seconds for a burglar to gain entry if your windows and doors are not properly secured.


    11) Get to know the neighbors on your block

    Be sure to get to know the people who live on your street, especially if they walk or drive by your house regularly. Being friendly with your neighbors helps you get to know them better, which in turn gives you more opportunities to get help if someone is trying to break into your house.

    If you spot a suspicious person peeking through windows or checking your front door for entry points, call the police immediately so they can investigate and keep an eye out for a potential threat

    Most importantly, have a neighbor keep an eye out for suspicious activity while you’re away on vacation or at work.


    12) Keep any outdoor tools locked up

    Tools are often used as leverage for breaking into homes. Keep all tools near your house locked up so the only people who have access to them are you and anyone else you allow to be around them.

    Having limited exposure is a good way to prevent criminals from knowing whether anyone is inside at any given time.


    13) Get a dog and keep it inside with you in order to deter burglars

    While a dog may not be able to prevent your home from being broken into, they can definitely help ensure no one is going to try to harm you or your family in the process.

    A good guard dog will make a burglar think twice about the risk of entering your property and possibly save you from bodily injury for doing so.

    A barking dog is a good way to signal that someone is home and not receptive to visitors. If you’re going away for more than a day or two, ask someone to come by and let the dog out to use the bathroom.


    14) Look for telltale signs of a break-in, like forced doors or windows

    Criminals often break windows or pry open a door in order to gain entry into a home. If something seems off with your door or window frames, check them from time to time.


    15) Put cameras or fake cameras around your home and yard

    Even if they don’t record anything, criminals are less likely to risk a break-in if they know there is surveillance equipment on the property. When possible, put up real security that is subtle but effective.


    Boost your home’s security level with DC Local Locksmith

    The key to home security is having a layered defense system. By following these tips to boost your home security level, you can prevent burglars from gaining entry, or at the very least deter them for long enough that they’ll give up on breaking in altogether.

    It doesn’t matter if this information changes anything about how you live; just knowing that basic security measures can help you feel better about your home.

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