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    Businesses are a common target for criminals and often suffer greater losses than homeowners.

    A business without a security system is like an easy target waiting to be robbed. Statistics show that businesses with a security system are far less likely to be targeted by criminals.

    A commercial security system from DC Local Locksmith can help protect your business from theft and burglary. Our systems are custom-designed for each business and include features like video surveillance, motion detectors, and 24/7 monitoring.

    Security systems are a must-have for any business, not just to deter potential thieves but also to provide security for the employees working inside the building.

    In this day and age, where crime seems to be on the rise and security footage has become so readily available, it can be enough to discourage possible robbers.


    Here are the 15 benefits Of A Commercial Security System For Your Business!


    1) Can help keep you compliant with state and federal regulations. Laws regarding security cameras vary between jurisdictions and states.

    Having up-to-date security may save you time when trying to achieve compliance.

    2) Can reduce liability in the event of a crime. If your security cameras capture an incident and you can use it to prove innocence or guilt, you may avoid taking legal action against others.

    3) Provides security for employees working in your building and can prevent them from becoming victims.

    Some security systems include panic buttons that trigger alarms if pushed, which could deter criminals from targeting your employees at all.

    4) Helps to increase sales by giving customers peace of mind about entering the store and showing security is a priority for your business, making them more likely to return.

    5) A security system will allow you to have video footage of any incidents that do occur on record for future reference.

    6) Can provide security for inventory, allowing you to track it easier. Having security cameras in place can help prevent employees from stealing items and reduce the need to have employees count inventory every day.

    7) Security cameras can be used as a deterrent through increased visibility around your business. Criminals are less likely to target places with security systems due to the increased chance of getting caught.

    8) A security system can alert you if there’s an intrusion or tampering within your building, which could result in saving money on utilities depending on what triggered the alarm.

    If electricity is stolen, placing security cameras around high power usage areas like AC units ensures they’re not tampered with again.

    9) A security system allows you to monitor for security issues in real-time. Not only does this allow you to take action if necessary, but it also reduces the number of false alarms.

    10) Having security cameras can keep employees safe by ensuring they make it to their vehicles at night. This is especially important for female employees who are more likely victims of crime while walking to their cars alone after dusk.

    11) Security footage allows owners/managers of businesses to identify suspicious behavior, whether that’s an employee or someone lurking around outside your business. Suspicious behavior should be reported immediately because statistics show where there is one incident, there will more than likely be another attempt on a future date.

    There are security systems out there that provide security systems, metal security doors, and security grilles which can be added to windows or areas that may be prime for a break-in.

    12) Security cameras can provide information about employee theft by giving you a 24/7 eye on your inventory.

    By monitoring what’s going in and out of your business, security footage helps owners/managers catch employees who are stealing from the company.

    This ensures you don’t end up losing thousands of dollars due to someone within your staff ripping you off.

    13) Having security cameras can help prevent crimes before they happen with security awareness training for employees.

    Annual security audits should also be completed to ensure all security issues are identified and if further action needs to be taken.

    Knowing how many security risks are in your business gives you an idea of what security measures to implement.

    14) Security footage can be used as evidence in the event of a crime.

    Security footage is considered legal and admissible in court, making it easier for owners/managers to win cases against people who have committed crimes on their property if security cameras were present at the time of the incident.

    This cuts back on false claims being made because security footage will show what really happened, not someone’s word against yours.

    15) Having security cameras provides security for outside valuables like cash registers or expensive equipment that may need to stay overnight.

    Not only does this prevent potential robberies but also protects employees from being targeted by criminals who know they have high-value items on the premises.


    FAQs About The Benefits Of A Commercial Security System For Your Business!


    What is a security system?

    A security system is what helps keep your business and employees safe. This includes security cameras, high-security locks, and master key systems.


    Who can benefit from security systems?

    Most businesses of any size can benefit from having security systems in place to help protect their items.

    Not only do small mom-and-pop stores benefit, but big box stores also see security benefits for keeping items safe.


    How can security systems help my business?

    There are many security measures that can be put in place to keep your employees and valuables safe.

    From security cameras to metal security doors, security systems provide numerous benefits to different types of businesses depending on where they’re located and what you want to be protected.


    Why do I need security footage?

    Security footage provides the ability to monitor what happens within your business. Whether it’s an employee or an outside criminal, security footage serves as proof for what has happened if any disputes occur after the fact.

    Without security cameras working properly throughout your building, you will never know who or what is causing damages until it’s too late.

    This can be very costly for your business because security footage allows owners/man managers to know what is happening at all times even when they’re not present in the building.

    Having security footage is important if you want to keep your business running smoothly.


    What are security cameras?

    Security cameras provide security for both employees and customers alike by monitoring any suspicious behavior that may happen within your business.

    Security cameras also provide security for outside valuables like cash registers or expensive equipment that may need to stay overnight, preventing potential robberies from occurring.

    Who can benefit from security awareness training? Employees who handle inventory, work alone during night shifts or have to high-value assets can benefit from security awareness training.

    Without security measures in place, employees can become easy targets for criminals who know they have high-value items on the premises and may not be aware of security procedures to deter crime.


    What is a master key system?

    A master key system allows you to control all your locks from one central location with different people having access to specific rooms or areas within your business.

    This way if anyone leaves the company, their code(s) is immediately deactivated and they cannot get back into any areas without permission from management.


    How does a master key system work?

    A master key system works by giving managers and owners access to all of their keys while also restricting certain users from accessing non-designated areas.

    Having security measures in place like master key systems can help businesses stay up and running while employees are away on breaks or after hours because other security measures remain in effect.

    If security measures are not in place, no security system will be effective when employees go on break due to the possibility of invaders gaining access while you’re gone.


    If you own a business, then you know how important it is to keep your assets safe.

    A commercial security system can help protect your employees and customers from potential threats.

    It’s also an effective way to prevent the theft of valuable equipment and merchandise. You’ll sleep better knowing that all of the doors in your building are locked at night, too!

    We offer a variety of options for businesses looking for commercial security systems including video surveillance cameras, access control systems, alarm monitoring services, and more!

    Our experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs so that you can feel confident about keeping everyone on-site safe.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact us today!


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