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    There’s a lot of confusion over the difference between deadbolts and deadlocks, so we’re going to try to clear things up.

    Deadbolts are used on doors that lead outside of your home or office. They have one job, which is to protect you from intruders trying to get in through those exterior doors. Deadlocks, however, are used on interior doors that don’t lead outside. They do more than just keep intruders out – they also serve as a theft deterrent for any valuables inside your home or office such as jewelry and electronics. So if you want protection from both burglars and thieves then it makes sense to install both locks!

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    Furthermore, we will discuss the differences, the similarities, and the tips to remember when choosing between deadbolts and deadlocks so you can select the right door locks for your needs.


    What’s the difference between a deadbolt and a deadlock?

    When it comes to door locks, the two most popular options are the deadbolt and the deadlock. Both of these locks offer security and protection against intruders, but there are some key differences between them.

    Deadbolts are used on exterior doors and their main purpose is to keep intruders out. They’re usually locked from both sides with a key, and they’re very sturdy and secure. Deadlocks, on the other hand, are used on interior doors and they offer more protection than just keeping people out. They also have a kick-in feature that makes them difficult to break into, and they come in both keyed varieties and non-keyed varieties.

    So, the main difference between deadbolts and deadlocks is that deadbolts are used on exterior doors while deadlocks are used on interior doors. Although this is also where they get their names from – a “deadbolt” lock goes outside while a “deadlock” lock goes inside.

    Otherwise, deadbolts and deadlocks are very similar – they’re both extremely secure door locks that stop intruders from breaking into your home or office. They also look pretty much the same (though some deadbolts do have a keyhole so you can use them without a key), and they come in both keyed and non-keyed versions.

    A deadbolt is a type of door lock that most people have on their exterior doors. These can be locked from both sides and usually have a key to unlock them (though there are some that can also be unlocked with a standard metal or plastic door handle). When you turn the handle, the deadbolt locks into place, preventing anyone from opening the door. Deadbolts are extremely secure and usually very heavy-duty, capable of forcing intruders to break down your door or bust down a window in order to enter. They also make for great theft deterrents because they’re so sturdy – thieves will typically switch their focus from your home to another one if they can’t get inside easily.

    A deadlock is very similar to a deadbolt, but it’s used on interior doors and typically doesn’t have a keyed lock. They do, however, have a thumbturn (or keyhole) that allows you to lock or unlock the door without having to use a key. Some deadlocks also have a “kick-in” feature which makes them difficult to break.

    If someone tries to kick open a door with a deadlock installed on it, the bolt might get jammed inside the door frame, preventing it from opening. This is because deadlocks are designed so that when they’re unlocked, they don’t retract all the way. Instead, they leave a bit of the bolt sticking out so it can’t be pushed back in from the outside.

    Both deadbolts and deadlocks are great for security, but you should use them based on your specific needs. If you’re looking for something to keep people out (like intruders), then a deadbolt is a good choice. But if you’re looking for something that can also keep people from breaking in or being locked inside, then a deadlock might be a better option.

    Well, now you know the difference between deadbolts and deadlocks!

    Other Deadbolt and Deadlock FAQs


    Which type of door lock is the best?

    There is not a single lock that works best for every situation. As with most things, you need to consider all of your options and utilize the locksmith’s expertise to make an informed decision as to which is the best option (or combination) for your needs as well as your budget.

    How much do deadbolt and deadlock locks cost?

    An average deadbolt lock costs anywhere from $50 to $120. A deadlock typically costs anywhere from $35 to $100.


    Can I install these locks on my own?

    Technically, it is possible to install deadbolt locks yourself. If you are not experienced in this sort of work, however, we HIGHLY recommend working with a professional locksmith who can ensure both proper installation and maximum convenience of use. Deadlocks require no installation whatsoever. There’s nothing for you to do but remove the old lock and screw your new one on your door!


    What makes a good locksmith?

    A locksmith is someone who can make keys, repair, or install locks and understands a variety of security measures. Locksmiths typically work in residential homes as well as commercial buildings, including motels, retail stores, and hospitals. Many locksmiths choose to specialize in one area, such as lock repairs or key cutting.

    A good customer service attitude and a willingness to satisfy the needs of their customers are two characteristics that a locksmith should have. Locksmiths must also be able to work well with people from diverse backgrounds, since they may come from all walks of life.

    A locksmith is someone who can make keys, repair or install locks, and understands a variety of security measures. Locksmiths typically work in residential homes as well as commercial buildings, including motels, retail stores, and hospitals. Many locksmiths choose to specialize in one area, such as lock repairs or key cutting.


    Are you looking for a locksmith?

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